My First Blog Post

Love with your heart for happiness. Love with your mind to just get by. Love with your soul & experience heaven on Earth!!!

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.


We all know there’s good people in this world, and there’s much more good than bad. We know there is bad people, but we have to understand that lots of these bad people can change, and some will! We can’t get too caught up in the bad-guy who doesn’t get punished for being bad. We can’t put too much of our energy in ‘why the bad-guy didn’t get punished’…but we “CAN” do our best to be the nicest person we can, and you better believe it’s going to rub off on others. Hey, from time to time it even rubs off on a bad-guy!!! Blessings, ‘The Retired Bad-Guy’ P.S…It rubbed off on me!!


First & foremost let me say, I have no degrees or certifications, but I truly am a “Life Student”. I move along through life watching everything & everybody. Right away I want to say ‘WE’ ( everyone of us breathing ) today; have to be more aware of what’s going on around us. When we have an associate ( family member, friend, e.t.c ) who we feel is dealing with something?? ‘WE’ have to be aware enough to know when it’s more than a thing, and step up to try an assist that person. When a 15 year old girl in your circle comes out of no where & states “boys are idiots”…..it could be something, but when she’s stating “EVERY” single day how much she hates boys?? Now it’s time to be aware that this could be more than just a thing. I’ve personally witnessed things being a little rough in someone’s life, yet, me personally…I feel I didn’t do ‘enough’ & it became almost, to a tragic end for this person. By the grace of God it ended ‘Not so bad’. Just something for us all to think about!!

Guns, Mental Health, or E-V-I-L

I live in the wonderful State of Colorado, and sadly to say; I’ve had to watch the heart-ache & pain that is ’caused by far too many ‘Mass-Shootings’, in this state alone, not to mention all over the United States. Guns, and Mental-Health is surely a conspirator in these horrific acts of violence. “BUT”….it’s time we stop putting so much emphasis on those ‘Two’, and put some emphasis on what no doubt is also the ’cause. First & foremost, clear and cut; EVIL. Second; the lack of awareness that too many people have, that evil even exist. Thirty years ago there were guns everywhere, and people were dealing with Mental Health issues everyday, maybe not as bad as today. Yet still, my point is this; these Mass-Shootings have just began a few decades back. And let’s be clear, it’s not just Mass-Shootings. Horrific crimes are being committed daily, on all levels. It’s time for all of us “Believers” to get up, get out, and spread this Gospel, and bring some awareness to this evil that the majority of our society thinks only makes for good Netflix shows! When I was gang-banging & drug-dealing on Chicago’s violent streets I did have a Mental Health issue or two, I did have entirely too many guns!!! But you know what else I had?? The presence of evil, everyday I was out there in them streets. PLEASE, EVERYONE, not just my ‘Believers’, let’s talk a little more about the evil, and balance out all this gun & Mental-Health talk. I’ll close with this. Just Think of it this way. Look at all the kids who are harmed by their own parents, in our world today. Yeah, probably was some Mental issues, sadly, a gun may have been involved….but if you think for one minute, a parent harming their child is not evil!!?? Then I’m at a lost for words, and as you see here, I don’t easily get at a lost for words!!!

God can & God will!

Over the years I have come to learn the devil is very real, and that evil is always a lot closer than we want to believe. Just look at the past twenty years. People who were directly impacted by some of the horrific events in this country. “NEVER” imagined what was just right around the corner. I was definitely touched by the evil that exists, and I lived a very dark life for a very long time. I was introduced to “The Word of God”, and my curiosity soon became a way of life ( Although this took several years )!!! I have always been a fast learner, in addition, I caught on quickly to the fact; “Ask and it shall be given” Matthew 7:7 is the real deal! I have been in situations the past thirty months where I know God carried me. Earlier, because of others asking Him to watch over me, and later on, once I began to believe, I myself was asking…..and I definitely received!!!

God can & God will ( All you have to do is ask )

Long ago darkness was a way of life for this young man while he was on the streets of Chicago. During the course of many years in prison he unknowingly began a relationship with God. While incarcerated & engaged in another writing project, God came & told him he had another writing project for him. He quickly started on this project & was directed by God through the entire journey. He currently resides in Colorado working full-time & writing part-time, and strengthening his relationship with God. Along with his relationship with God came an understanding he never thought twice about. “If the smallest amount of light is placed on any type of situation that may occur in this life-time, it will brighten up the darkest of situations”.

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