My First Blog Post

Love with your heart for happiness. Love with your mind to just get by. Love with your soul & experience heaven on Earth!!!

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

Ecclesiastes 8:11

This is a very deep verse. Even if The Word of God is not your cup of tea….Ya gotta marinate on what I’m about to write, just for a second!! “Because the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil”. For those who need it; I’m going to break this down for you. Although most people may never commit an evil act in their lives, this verse is simply saying that it’s in all of our hearts to commit these types of acts. Simply because the heart knows an evil act will not be “Addressed” speedily once its commited. I pray that all makes sense!

To B’ or not to B'( Believe or not Believe )

I get it; not everyone believes in Jesus, and that’s totally cool. But I’ll say this: “Even if we can not come to believe in the Lord, let’s at least try & roll with what he stood for…..LOVE, DO UNTO OTHERS, AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE IT DONE TO YOU!! These things can be demonstrated in our lives, and we can go on “Doing US”, so to speak, but it would definitely make this world a lot less complicated, and a lot more enjoyable to live in!!!

Covid/Social Injustice??

I’ve tried to stay away from both of these topics, but I have to say something. If anyone is kind of confused about the term “WHITE PRIVILEGE” that is being tossed around these days, PLEASE check this out. What I’m about to say is directed at everyone who falls in the category, but we know like most things involving big money in the USA, it’s predominantly White folks…It is what it is, lets call it like we see it. Covid & social injustice go hand in hand, because we know how white privilege is impacting the injustice situation, but for those who actually are paying attention that same privilege is keeping Covid alive. “HELLO”!!! Is anyone looking at the amount of people losing there lives behind this pandemic ( check out the deaths the past two days )??!! Yet you got “PEOPLE” filing law-suits because they want to have more “PRIVILEGES” in regards to running their businesses!!?? We are in some really sad times in America. The good ol’ USA is showing their true colors, that being…..We truly focus too much on the things that are of “NO” importance, and love to turn our heads on the real important stuff. Freedom ain’t got squat to do with wearing or not wearing a mask. Freedom ain’t about letting all the people “YOU” want to into your business. Freedom ain’t about you doing what you want to, when you want to, “NOT DURING A FRICKING PANDEMIC”…..If there was never a thing called slavery??!! I wouldn’t even have wrote this article. THINK ABOUT THAT….

“The Most Famous Bridge”

A reading from my book “God can and God will”…….New York City, “The Big Apple”! A wonderful town, and home of the famous Brooklyn Bridge. All the way across the country, to the San Francisco Bay! The beautiful bay area is where another famous bridge resides. The good old Golden Gate Bridge. But there is another bridge that is much more famous than even those two, and any other bridge in this world, regardless to how big a stretch of water it crosses. This most famous bridge is the all-time champion when it comes to bridges, and it connects non-believers to believers in the word of God. It has to be a mighty bridge because it will cross over some pretty, rough stretches of water at times. Forming a bridge to anyone to attempt the sharing of wisdom & knowledge, that you “KNOW” has been helpful to you, guided you, and allowed you to see the power of God…..Beautiful, is all I’ll say.

“Inside-Outside” ( The Ultimate Love Story )

A little reading from my book……One of the reasons I decided to write this book is my memory. My big bro’ is always in awe of the things I remember vividly, as far back as 1974″! I’m 44 years old and I honestly remember my 4th Christmas as a kid, like it was last years Christmas. Some of my favorite summer memories go back to the mid 70’s. While all of my cousins would be outside playing on any given Saturday, I’d be inside watching sports with my Uncle Big Mose….secretly sipping on his beer every time he left the room! This guy was my favorite Uncle, and I his favorite nephew. With this bond came the luxury of never getting a butt-whipping. A luxury none of my other cousins were able to benefit from. ….Forty-Five years later that bond with a few of my cousins is still strong. We do our best to stay in touch. I know it’s busy times for all, but that love is still in the air, and it’s a beautiful thing. Just simple family bonding! You can’t beat it!!


The power of a simple smile is really amazing. You may not know it when it happens, but your smile just may put a smile on a strangers face, or even better, their entire day. May not seem like it sometimes because people have so much on their plates, but I assure you a smile is always a refreshing sight to see!! I know for a fact my smile has changed the tone of many situations I’ve been directly involved in. It’s just so hard to be angry, or even too serious, when the “FACE” of a situation has a huge grin on their face. Emotions are so powerful, as well, blessings to us all when we know how to utilize them & of course control them!!

The “BEST” Investment ever!!!

I just want to share a personal experience of mine. I decided to follow the Lord, and trust & believe “ALL” that Jesus did for us on the cross. If was a heavy fight because the devil didn’t and still doesn’t wanna let me, or anyone, leave his arena and go to our Father God!!! I learned something during the course of starting a relationship with the Lord…..If you work hard, and I mean very hard, at bonding with the Lord, I assure you you’ll never see a better return on your dollar. This is the investment of all investments my friend, and if you are going to invest in something it better be the one for sure winner!!! G-O-D

“The Ultimate Love Story…..

This is why my book is the ultimate love story. When love was introduced to me for the very first time I was deeply embedded in evil. I did a lot of things on those streets of Chicago, back in the 80’s, that I’m hardly proud of. Oh, I was a serious mad-man!!! The madness you are witnessing this very day, on Chicago’s streets, is a result of a multi-million dollar drug-trade, sprinkled with a taste of good old Chicago corruption! Being mixed up in all of that, as well being a hard-core gang-banger, who got put away for 22 straight years…..No one could have told me my mind-set would be where it is today. The power of love can do mighty things!!!!

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