To B’ or not to B'( Believe or not Believe )

I get it; not everyone believes in Jesus, and that’s totally cool. But I’ll say this: “Even if we can not come to believe in the Lord, let’s at least try & roll with what he stood for…..LOVE, DO UNTO OTHERS, AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE IT DONE TO YOU!! These things can beContinue reading “To B’ or not to B'( Believe or not Believe )”

“The Most Famous Bridge”

A reading from my book “God can and God will”…….New York City, “The Big Apple”! A wonderful town, and home of the famous Brooklyn Bridge. All the way across the country, to the San Francisco Bay! The beautiful bay area is where another famous bridge resides. The good old Golden Gate Bridge. But there isContinue reading ““The Most Famous Bridge””

“Inside-Outside” ( The Ultimate Love Story )

A little reading from my book……One of the reasons I decided to write this book is my memory. My big bro’ is always in awe of the things I remember vividly, as far back as 1974″! I’m 44 years old and I honestly remember my 4th Christmas as a kid, like it was last yearsContinue reading ““Inside-Outside” ( The Ultimate Love Story )”

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