Guns, Mental Health, or E-V-I-L

I live in the wonderful State of Colorado, and sadly to say; I’ve had to watch the heart-ache & pain that is ’caused by far too many ‘Mass-Shootings’, in this state alone, not to mention all over the United States. Guns, and Mental-Health is surely a conspirator in these horrific acts of violence. “BUT”….it’s timeContinue reading “Guns, Mental Health, or E-V-I-L”

God can & God will ( All you have to do is ask )

Long ago darkness was a way of life for this young man while he was on the streets of Chicago. During the course of many years in prison he unknowingly began a relationship with God. While incarcerated & engaged in another writing project, God came & told him he had another writing project for him.Continue reading “God can & God will ( All you have to do is ask )”

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